Angel Beats! Ep. 13 END

June 26, 2010

I didn’t write about the last couple episodes, but that’s mostly because I kind of rage quit. All the plot twists and drama were too forced for me, and the series was kind of incoherent. It was nice, but I still just couldn’t really write about it. But I felt I should write about the last one because it is the last one, and because it was rather sweet too. Yuri wakes up 3 days later, and everyone has left except for Hinata, Naoi, Kanade, and Otonashi. Yuri and Kanade both act much differently, and much girlier (Yuri is tsundere and Kanade wrote a song about Mapo Tofu). I suppose because Yuri has no more regrets, doesn’t have to play the protective sister, she can finally be a regular girl, and Kanade has friends. It’s really rather pleasant to see them finally relaxing. It suits their end that it would be as a graduation ceremony (which was Kanade’s idea) It was a pretty sweet moment when they all walked up to get their diplomas, and when they said goodbye to each other. Each goodbye was a real tear jerker, like Naoi, who decided to leave first so as to not see any tears, yet ends up crying himself. I sort of thought that Otonashi and Yuri would be the last together, so I was surprised when he actually ends up last with Kanade. I was even more surprised when Otonashi told Kanade to stay there in the world with him, so they could help more people. And yet again, when he confesses to her, which I just thought was wonderful (I’m too soft) although I was kind of confused, since it was so sudden. When did he start loving her, and why? Well whatever, Kanadefag is pleased. KEY is absolutely unmerciful with all these tearjerkers, like Kanade revealing her regret of never being able to thank Otonashi for donating his heart which saved her life. That was pretty much the breaking point for even that most hardboiled man, and the scene with both of them hugging, Otonashi saying “I love you” and Kanade saying “Thank You”, was what everyone was pretty much hoping for with this series (it is KEY after all) I was pretty disappointed that Kanade and left Otonashi there alone. But I was happy to see that they become reunited when Otonashi finds Kanade (both of them in a new life) and he runs up to her, and so I can only assume that everyone else will find each other as well.  I’m afraid the series was rather disappointing, but I think I expected too much since it is a KEY work. But I really felt they could have done some things differently. I would have liked more character development, and a more coherent story, instead of the constant plot twists and their tendency to completely drop one thing for another (Ok let’s help everyone pass on, OH FUCK SHADOW MONSTERS) The show really did have much potential and perhaps I’m a bit too harsh. It’s still worth watching, since it’s not that long, and it can be rather nice at times. It was a nice ending and a pretty good show I suppose. Hell of a lot better than K-ON, I’ll tell you that. I always get a sad feeling whenever a series end, and Angel Beats was no exception. It may have been an incoherent mess at times, but we’ll all miss Kanade.


Here’s something fun I found: Remember Otonashi’s hospitalized sister from episode seven of Angel Beats? The stuffed animals next to her bed are actually references to other famous KEY works. There’s Misuzu’s dinosaur doll and Potato from AIR, and Botan from Clannad.

Angel Beats! Ep. 10

June 5, 2010

After 9 incoherent episodes, we finally start to get somewhere, after Otonashi and Kanade team up to help everyone pass on. I still don’t know how they’ll get everyone since there are only about 3 episodes left, but I’m  sure they’ll make up something. That is, after all, what they’ve been doing so far. Anyways, you’ll remember that the first one on Otonashi and Kanade’s hitlist is Yui, the loveable ball of pink that is also the singer and guitarist for Girls Dead Monster. Apparently, she’s been doing really shitty, with some bitch (I’ve been watching this series since the start and I still don’t know everyones names) chastising her for, well, sucking. According to Otonashi’s plan to get close to Yui and figure out her regrets, Kanade must come in and take Yui’s guitar (and throw in an insult about how she’s killing the band) and Yui will chase after her and Otonashi will save the day and blah blah blah. Well of course, it doesn’t work at first, since one thing the other girl was complaining about was Yui’s inability to sing and play guitar at the same time. She does eventually chase after Kanade though. And finally we get to Yui’s regrets. I really tried to feel sad hearing her story, but considering it was Yui, it was kinda hard since she’s such a comedic character. Being paralyzed, all she could do was watch tv, where she got all the ideas about the things she wished she could do. Sucked for Otonashi, because she had a lot of wishes, from performing a german supplex (what the fuck?) to dribbling past 5 players and scoring a goal in soccer (which they achieved thanks to Otonashi’s brilliant letter and a sharp shooting Kanade) Her last wish is to hit a homerun, which turns out to be pretty fucking hard, but it was nice to see her trying so hard. All of this was probably to ready you for what happens next when she gives up and says she was just plain glad to be able to move, but what she really would have wanted was to get married. I kinda thought that Otonashi would agree to that since it was his goal to get her to move on, but seeing Hinata come out and say he’ll marry her was surprising and rather heart warming, considering their past experiences together. I didn’t really understand when Yui seemed to be referring to this world as fake or something, as if they could leave it, when Hinata was reassuring her he would definitely marry her. Hearing him tell her that he would meet her by losing a baseball in her house after he hit it through the window and then meeting her and falling in love brought a tear to my eye. It was all just so beautiful and heartwarming, and seeing her disappear would surely send anyone into a deep bawl, and Hinata joining Otonashi is helping everyone was rather sweet. However, not satisfied with ending the episode without a cliffhanger, we are left with Noda in a hallway having just cut god knows what. This whole change of atmosphere doesn’t really feel right and I simply couldn’t dig it. We go from this wonderuflly sad moment to HOLY FUCK DRAMA. Regardless, I am interested what this monster could possibly be. All in all, a pretty good episode, although the mood swings wildly. I must say, I’m looking forward to the next episode