A truly great man passed away at the age of 47. Madhouse founder Maruyama announced on his twitter than an important Madhouse Studio director had passed away, but didn’t say who, but it seems that the director was Satoshi Kon. Satoshi Kon started off as a manga artist and editor. He was a great director, who  made such films like Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent, and Paprika. He had a tendency to go with the subjective reality theme, which I’ve always been a fan of. It’s a great loss to the anime industry, and Madhouse as well, which has been having some troubles. He was also working with them on a feature film called Yume Miru Kikai.



I don’t know what the fuck happened, apparently CBC suspened the broadcast last week, so Tokyo MX will be airing it on Sundays. I thought something was up when I didn’t see any subs or raws out, so I guess that explains it. A real bitch since it was a great show, but 2 days aren’t too bad I suppose.

Farewell One Manga

July 22, 2010

I’m sure most of you have heard by now, One Manga is closing it’s doors. Due to “requests” by publishing companies, which are taking a stricter stance on scanlations, One Manga will remove all content, regardless of licensing status. You can read the full farewell message on the site here. This is certainly a sad occasion, and a serious blow to scanlations. I’ve always loved One Manga, since it opened so many new mango to me (it’s where I read my absolute favorite manga, YKK) It really is a shame to see it  go. See you space cowboy

Of course, the week that I was away from the internet is when the first single from the new LP by Of Montreal, False  Priest, is released. So yes, this is pretty old news (5 days by internet standards is a long time) I’ve been pretty excited for this album, and not just because it’s by Of Montreal. Jon Brion anyone? Surely you’ve heard that Kevin Barnes has enlisted him for help on the new album, and this can only lead to more awesomeness. Kevin Barnes has always been great at doing what he does, but getting the help of someone as talented as Brion is certainly something. You can listen to the song and see the tour dates here. If fortune smiles upon me, I’ll be attending the November shows (woo Georgia) Of Montreal and Janelle Monae? I don’t know if I can handle it.

The famous cyberpunk manga has been confirmed by director Albert Hughes in an interview with Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun.

“Warner Brothers and Appian Way (Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company) is said to be planning to adapt two movies from the manga, with each one covering three volumes. It was reported this February that Warner Brothers is in negotiations with the Hughes Brothers to direct the film, but no official announcement has been made.

On a recent phone interview by Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun on his latest film The Book of Eli, Albert Hughes stated that his “next project is AKIRA“, and he’s “now busy working on the storyboard and plot”.

“I first watched Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpiece AKIRA in 1994, and have been fascinated with it since then”, he added.”

Akira, as anyone and their grandmother will tell you, is one of the most influential works to come out of Japan. It was one of the first manga works to be tranlsated in it’s entirety, being published in a Marvel Comics imprint, Epic Comics. It won the Kodansha  Manga Award for best general manga in 1984. With themes of social isolation, corruption and power, it gained immense acclaim. It was later made into a film in 1988, and even though it really cut out much of the stuff in the manga, it was very well recieved by critics, and help increase the popularity of anime in the west, especially with it’s superior animation quality (back in the day, Japanese animators tended to cut corners a lot) The live action has been wandering around since the 90’s and was pretty much considered dead, but Andrew Lazar claims the movie is very alive and a high priority, and very high budgeted, which is good to hear. It’s expected to be released in 2011, so get in line before all the weaboos do.

EDIT: It seems that it will be only Albert Hughes if I heard correctly

Akira movie to be directed by Hughes Brothers

As you may know, Full Metal Alchemist concluded the long running manga this year. The final episode was published in the July Issue, which sold out extremely quickly, which is to be expected. It sold out so quickly, that some people didn’t get a chance to read it. However, the publisher of the Shonen Gangan magazine, Square Enix announced that they will be publishing the episode again in the September issue of the magazine. Why should we Westerners care? I don’t know actually. I don’t really know anyone who imports the magazine, especially since it’s so huge (it’s a huge compilation, around 600 pages at times) But it’s still interesting to hear how our friends in the East fare with their addictions.

Shonen Gangan to republish last episode of FMA via Gigazine

The New Xbox 360 Won't "Red Ring"

Clever MS. I was lurking Kotaku and saw this article. As someone who has had it happen twice I was quite interested, since the RROD was the biggest scar on the history of the xbox, providing ample fodder for the Sonyfags I was rather relieved to hear it would be gone. But clever clever MS.

“Deciding to take the opportunity for a clean break, Microsoft has not included any red lights in the console, only green ones, so if something goes wrong this time around, you’ll get a…green ring of death. Which is surely more calming!”

Well, the possibility for the dreaded hardware failure has gone done with each upgrade to the 360, so theres still not to much to worry about. It’s a wonderful system, and if it does fail, MS is very helpful. Hardware failures are never going to go away, but we can prevent them from happening to often. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SYSTEMS KIDS