Of course, the week that I was away from the internet is when the first single from the new LP by Of Montreal, False  Priest, is released. So yes, this is pretty old news (5 days by internet standards is a long time) I’ve been pretty excited for this album, and not just because it’s by Of Montreal. Jon Brion anyone? Surely you’ve heard that Kevin Barnes has enlisted him for help on the new album, and this can only lead to more awesomeness. Kevin Barnes has always been great at doing what he does, but getting the help of someone as talented as Brion is certainly something. You can listen to the song and see the tour dates here. If fortune smiles upon me, I’ll be attending the November shows (woo Georgia) Of Montreal and Janelle Monae? I don’t know if I can handle it.


Time for another What’s Playing, and I’ve got a real classic here. Taake is a pretty amazing Norwegian Black Metal artist, and has been one of my favorites for many a decade. It’s simply beautiful. It’s brutal but it proves that LOLFASTGEETAR doesn’t equate brutality, and has a folk taste which is also good (I love me some folk, and Norwegian folk just makes it better) I can’t say much for the lyrics, since I have no idea what the fuck he is saying, and not only because it’s a different language but because the vocals are just so harsh, which is a black metal staple. I don’t really mind harsh vocals in black metal, and in fact I do sort of like it, but only when it’s like this. It can be hit or miss, so the best thing to do is just give it a shot and see if you like it. And even then, there are rather long pauses in the singing, and a lot of the music is instrumental, and great instrumentals they are. Great album, and a great artist. SEAL OF APPROVAL.

This blog is still about music, even if we’ve only really done 2 music posts. But I thought it would be a good idea to post some music that we happen to be fond of at the moment, maybe even introduce people to something new. I’ll post just about any genre, as you can tell from my last.fm. This might be a weekly thing, or every other day, or whenever I am in a deep addiction to. Any music whore will tell you, though, that you can easily get back on the sauce and renew an old addiction. I probably won’t post it if I already have though.

Speaking of old addictions, I really started to enjoy Lawrence Arabia, and in particular, his album “Chant Darling” He had been on my radar for some time, but what pushed me to put his album on repeat was a concert I attended in May, where he opened for Fanfarlo. The show was wonderful, and the songs were great. Something about seeing the band live feels so special. Songs you didn’t care for much suddenly have new life, which is why live versions and live concerts are so great. Anyways, this album in particular was a real treat, combining my 2 favorite things; folk and psychedelic. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard “Apple Pie Bed” and it’s a great song, my favorite next to “The Beautiful Young Crew” It’s my addiction of the week with good reason, so if you haven’t listened to it, do so, and if you have, heres your chance to get back into old habits.

The Drums – The Drums

June 10, 2010

Yeah yeah, cOLD. But I’ve been meaning to write aboot it. I’m still no good at this, so don’t expect much. Getting to the album. I had listened to their EP long ago, and I found it really nice, a nice upbeat surf style story of freedom. I was addicted to “Let’s Go Surfing” for a couple weeks and even had the urge to dance whenever I heard it, not kidding. It was such an electric song, along with the rest of the EP. The album is a bit different, and I recall reading a statement from the band that the full album would be a bit darker. I didn’t see how, especially after listening to “Let’s Go Surfing” on repeat fro a couple days. But it is rather darker, and sort of mellower but with that surf tinge. I’m trying not to say Beach Boys, but the similarity is there. It’s like Surfer Blood without so many of the effects. In fact, it’s pretty natural, with very little effects. Which is nice, really helps the image of a slow surf jam. It is a certainly good album, and a nice change of pace for me, what with all the folk and experimental I’ve been trapped in lately. Good album, soft dancing material. GO BUY IT.

Realizing we may be coming off as rather weaboo, and recalling that I’m a dirty hipster, I decided to finally do a music review/impressions. I’m no good, and the mere thought of reviewing sends me into a lazy coma. Music is just something on a whole other level from other arts, but yet so similar, an art, but it’s own art. Music is a cacophony of sounds, attempting cohesion to tell us something. At the core, music is just jingle jangle, but we as humans can put emotions to those sounds The unique unison between the sounds and lyrics, is just so inexplicable. The Boy Least Likely To are rather well know for having such a pleasant, cheerful sound, but with rather sad, melancholic, lyrics of low self esteem. Theres just so much that goes into music. Every sound isn’t just a background sound. The little tinkle of a bell is the song. Just like the drums, the guitar, the singer. Sleigh Bells certainly has a lot going . The fuzzy guitar, the clapping in the background, the chorus. It really gives off the feeling of an anthem album. It gives me the impression of a fuzzy, guitar oriented Dirty Projectors. Hard rocking, fuzzy, cheerleader rock. It certainly is an interesting album. You’ll notice the unique sounds,  and the guitar that just goes fucking crazy, and the singer who has a wonderful voice, yet still hides behind some effects, but perhaps this adds to the essence of what this album is. I really don’t have much to say other than this is a great album. I won’t score it since I’m just not good deciding on scores (not that I’m stingy, but in fact too generous) I recommend you just go listen to it yourself, because only you can really decide for yourself. Sleigh Bells has a unique sound, but that’s a good thing. Go out and buy 10 copies