A truly great man passed away at the age of 47. Madhouse founder Maruyama announced on his twitter than an important Madhouse Studio director had passed away, but didn’t say who, but it seems that the director was Satoshi Kon. Satoshi Kon started off as a manga artist and editor. He was a great director, who  made such films like Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent, and Paprika. He had a tendency to go with the subjective reality theme, which I’ve always been a fan of. It’s a great loss to the anime industry, and Madhouse as well, which has been having some troubles. He was also working with them on a feature film called Yume Miru Kikai.



Farewell One Manga

July 22, 2010

I’m sure most of you have heard by now, One Manga is closing it’s doors. Due to “requests” by publishing companies, which are taking a stricter stance on scanlations, One Manga will remove all content, regardless of licensing status. You can read the full farewell message on the site here. This is certainly a sad occasion, and a serious blow to scanlations. I’ve always loved One Manga, since it opened so many new mango to me (it’s where I read my absolute favorite manga, YKK) It really is a shame to see it  go. See you space cowboy

Kona’s Manga: Flat

June 27, 2010


So I thought I should tell our nonexistant readers about some of the manga we read, so here is the very first manga from Kona’s collection, the wonderful manga, flat.

It’s the story of Heisuke and his little cousin Aki. Heisuke is a rather irresponsible, rather selfish young man with a certain love for making sweets. Aki is a small, shy, reserved boy, who goes out of his way to not cause trouble to others. So they’re pretty much opposites, but they begin to like each other after Heisuke babysits Aki one day. Aki begins to open up to Heisuke (the sweets help) and Heisuke slowly begins to show him that its ok to want something, it’s ok to have fun, and it’s ok to be a little selfish. Heisuke also begins to change from the selfish, irresponsible teenager, to a more caring person (even if it is mostly with Aki) It’s a sweet story, and the art is simple and wonderful.It’s a wonderful manga, and something fans of Yotsuba and Aishiteruze Baby will enjoy. I give it my seal of approval, and I highly recommend it.