A truly great man passed away at the age of 47. Madhouse founder Maruyama announced on his twitter than an important Madhouse Studio director had passed away, but didn’t say who, but it seems that the director was Satoshi Kon. Satoshi Kon started off as a manga artist and editor. He was a great director, who  made such films like Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent, and Paprika. He had a tendency to go with the subjective reality theme, which I’ve always been a fan of. It’s a great loss to the anime industry, and Madhouse as well, which has been having some troubles. He was also working with them on a feature film called Yume Miru Kikai.



Holy fuck that’s creepy

August 23, 2010

So about a week or less ago, I began lurking /x/ and other such faggotry, and a popular topic was Slenderman and Marble Hornets. So probably a mixture of boredom and intrigue took hold of me, and I decided to watch the series of videos that are Marble Hornets. The videos are about a guy named Alex who is beginning to experience a mental breakdown brought on by a mysterious figure that is following him. It really is interesting, and creepy enough to make you want to leave some lights on. It certainly was so for me. The absolute creepy factor that surrounds Slenderman, the impressive work by the Marble Hornets crew, and my innate paranoia all left me sleepless for a couple nights. I suppose I am just a wuss, but I found this genuinely disturbing, yet exhilarating. It’s almost like riding a roller coaster you’re scared of, and upon leaving it you want another go, if not only for spike in adrenaline you experienced. The videos are all well done, and the acting isn’t too bad. It’s not the only thing with Slenderman though, and a lot of the lore behind him is rather interesting (and creepy)

I don’t know what the fuck happened, apparently CBC suspened the broadcast last week, so Tokyo MX will be airing it on Sundays. I thought something was up when I didn’t see any subs or raws out, so I guess that explains it. A real bitch since it was a great show, but 2 days aren’t too bad I suppose.

Drowned in all the other faggotry I listened to, I forgot completely about this ole boy here. “Colour It In” is just one of those albums that I can listen to start to finish, no problem. It is your typical indie rock, but it just somehow manages to be something more. The sweet lick of the guitar, the firm grip of the vocals, it can be quite addictive. It has all the staples of British indie rock, but able to set itself apart in its own way

Black★Rock Shooter

July 29, 2010

God, the hype. The video (below) launched quite a craze, combining Miku and supercell to make a fan orgasm that somehow spawned a 50 minute OVA.

With quite a team behind it,Yamamoto Yutaka, Tanigawa Nagaru, and some others, I did expect it to be at least pretty good, and it was. Although it did leave much to be desired, I’m sure it was sufficient to satiate most of the fans who begged for it. The story was kind of iffy, but it was there, and it was interested, and I would have liked to see it developed more, but I suppose this is all (for now perhaps) The constant flashes to battle scenes with Black Rock Shooter and some other girl, mixed in with the school life story were kinda odd, and seemed to be there mostly to show off the art, although the art was good, so it’s no big deal, and it did fit in to the other story. Speaking of which, the story is actually a school themed affair, about 2 girls who meet in their first year of Junior High. It was your typical thing, but it got interesting when, after being put in different classes, one becomes jealous of the others new friend. From what I’ve gathered, Black Rock Shooter’s job is to rescue people from whatever evil gets into them, such as the case of the first girl (which she got her ass kicked in) and the second girl, said jealous girl, which would explain why she kept holding her hand out to them. An interesting idea, but it could have used more development, but hey, it’s a 50 minute OVA. However, it was initially intended to be longer, even a series, but somehow got cut down to an OVA. All in all, it may not have lived up to some peoples hopes, but considering the amount of hype, I can understand why you’d be disappointed. However, I still thought it was actually pretty good, even if you’re not that big of a Miku fan.

Farewell One Manga

July 22, 2010

I’m sure most of you have heard by now, One Manga is closing it’s doors. Due to “requests” by publishing companies, which are taking a stricter stance on scanlations, One Manga will remove all content, regardless of licensing status. You can read the full farewell message on the site here. This is certainly a sad occasion, and a serious blow to scanlations. I’ve always loved One Manga, since it opened so many new mango to me (it’s where I read my absolute favorite manga, YKK) It really is a shame to see it  go. See you space cowboy

Of course, the week that I was away from the internet is when the first single from the new LP by Of Montreal, False  Priest, is released. So yes, this is pretty old news (5 days by internet standards is a long time) I’ve been pretty excited for this album, and not just because it’s by Of Montreal. Jon Brion anyone? Surely you’ve heard that Kevin Barnes has enlisted him for help on the new album, and this can only lead to more awesomeness. Kevin Barnes has always been great at doing what he does, but getting the help of someone as talented as Brion is certainly something. You can listen to the song and see the tour dates here. If fortune smiles upon me, I’ll be attending the November shows (woo Georgia) Of Montreal and Janelle Monae? I don’t know if I can handle it.