Summer has begun! While I’m still missing last year’s summer season, there are quite a few shows that look interesting this season.

Top Tier

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi


Strike Witches 2

Highschool of the Dead

Moe Tier

Asobi ni Iku Yo

Amagami SS

Mid Tier

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Shi Ki


Poster for Amagami SS

Summer season is upon us, and the first episode of Amagami SS has aired. Based off of the galge for the PS2, Amagami SS is a romance following Tachibana Junichi, a second year high school student, who remains heartbroken after his girlfriend never showed up for a date two years before. However, even now, he is presented with new opportunities for love. This anime follows an ‘omnibus’ format, meaning that there will be a separate arc occurring in a different timeline for each of the six paths.

With that out of the way, time to get to the impressions. First off, the main character Junichi seems to be a rather bland guy. He’s pretty much your basic definition of generic galge protagonist. His character design is simple and his personality is rather weak and doesn’t stand out. His only distinguishing quality seems to be the ‘planetarium’ set up in his closet. However, even that doesn’t go too deep, and all he does is reflect upon his lost girlfriend in there.

While it’s not uncommon for characters to have some sort of tragic past, having a girlfriend not come on a date is a bit weak. Junichi must have been really heartbroken to be crushed and angst about it for two whole years, unable to have a happy Christmas. This however does become interesting in that he must get over it to go out with another girl. He might become hesitant, fearing that he will get crushed again… Which can’t really be seen in the first episode, seeing that he confesses his love to Morishima after two weeks.

I’ll continue watching this series, despite its faults. The graphics and sound are quite high quality, and I’m interested in how Junichi will handle the challenge of winning Morishima over when he isn’t her type. I’m hoping that Junichi will man up and pull off some epic Elite Beat Agent style actions to win her over, but that probably won’t happen. All in all, Amagami SS seems to be an alright show to follow for now. It isn’t the greatest or the most interesting, but I’m hoping for it to be a peaceful and beautiful show.

Eh, I still haven’t made a long post yet, and this one is going to be a short one as well. My excuse is finals, I’ll start writing more after school ends, I swear!

Anyways, some exciting news: Toaru Majutsu no Index Season Two!

Season two’s been finally been given the green light through the July issue of Monthly Shounen GanGan. I liked season one, although it got a bit drawn out towards the end of the season. I haven’t read how the story goes after season one, but I’m still hyped for this either way!

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Here’s something fun I found: Remember Otonashi’s hospitalized sister from episode seven of Angel Beats? The stuffed animals next to her bed are actually references to other famous KEY works. There’s Misuzu’s dinosaur doll and Potato from AIR, and Botan from Clannad.