Holy fuck that’s creepy

August 23, 2010

So about a week or less ago, I began lurking /x/ and other such faggotry, and a popular topic was Slenderman and Marble Hornets. So probably a mixture of boredom and intrigue took hold of me, and I decided to watch the series of videos that are Marble Hornets. The videos are about a guy named Alex who is beginning to experience a mental breakdown brought on by a mysterious figure that is following him. It really is interesting, and creepy enough to make you want to leave some lights on. It certainly was so for me. The absolute creepy factor that surrounds Slenderman, the impressive work by the Marble Hornets crew, and my innate paranoia all left me sleepless for a couple nights. I suppose I am just a wuss, but I found this genuinely disturbing, yet exhilarating. It’s almost like riding a roller coaster you’re scared of, and upon leaving it you want another go, if not only for spike in adrenaline you experienced. The videos are all well done, and the acting isn’t too bad. It’s not the only thing with Slenderman though, and a lot of the lore behind him is rather interesting (and creepy)


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