What’s Playing: Taake

July 7, 2010

Time for another What’s Playing, and I’ve got a real classic here. Taake is a pretty amazing Norwegian Black Metal artist, and has been one of my favorites for many a decade. It’s simply beautiful. It’s brutal but it proves that LOLFASTGEETAR doesn’t equate brutality, and has a folk taste which is also good (I love me some folk, and Norwegian folk just makes it better) I can’t say much for the lyrics, since I have no idea what the fuck he is saying, and not only because it’s a different language but because the vocals are just so harsh, which is a black metal staple. I don’t really mind harsh vocals in black metal, and in fact I do sort of like it, but only when it’s like this. It can be hit or miss, so the best thing to do is just give it a shot and see if you like it. And even then, there are rather long pauses in the singing, and a lot of the music is instrumental, and great instrumentals they are. Great album, and a great artist. SEAL OF APPROVAL.


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