Kona’s Summer Anime Picks

July 2, 2010

Summer season isn’t too far off and it’s about time we start picking out what we’ll be watching, either guaranteed and probably

I’m not really looking forward for much this season unfortunately, so I won’t have much



Ookami-san to Shichinin No Nakamatachi

It looks like it’ll be the biggest winner of the season, I’m anticipating this to be damn good. Interesting story and some good looking artwork, I have high hopes for it


The only one from this season I have any beforehand experience with, I can’t wait for it. I’ve read the manga which is pretty damn funny, and I can only see the animation being just as hilarious and full of the girls shenanigans.


Highschool of the Dead

This season is all about horror, and although I never cared much for horror, I thought I’d give some of these a try, including this one. I mean, it has fucking zombies. You don’t have to like horror to love zombies.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

More of an impulse pick, it seems worth a try, and I may end up being surprised. Spring was surprising as well, so perhaps.


It seems to have potential, but I’m worried it might just be another horror mystery show. But heres to hoping.


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