Sora No Woto Ep. 7.5

June 29, 2010

Sora No Woto concluded it’s run back in winter, and I recently watched it, and I quite enjoyed it. I know a lot of people were staying away, probably because some thought it would be K-ON in the army (3rd season, oh god) and the characters sure as hell looked like them. But I did like it though. It was cute, but not like MOEUGUU, it was funny (this was probably the funniest episode) and it was also rather beautiful at times (dat ending) So if you haven’t watched because of your paranoia caused by an overdose of moe, I’d give this one a chance. It’s short, and it’s good.

After the series concluded, there were 2 special episodes to be released, one on June 23rd and the second in September. I suppose both will be just comedic episodes, since I don’t really think anything needs to be wrapped up, and if the second is anything like this, I will be pleased. For those of you who have watched the show know that the girls run an illegal distillery at the fort and the church nor Kanata know about it. However, Yumina comes over and sees Kureha using alcohol and goes on a rant about drinking underage, and Kanata has caught Rio in the doorway of the distillery. As they all desperately try to change the subject to prevent either of them from finding out, the clever commander spikes everyones tea with some of the calvados. I knew she was a ballsy girl, but to actually inebriate her friends on purpose is pretty sly. With everyone sufficiently drunk, except for Kureha, who is the only one with the tolerance to not get drunk and unfortunately has to witness the atrocities, Filicia proposes a game of war using water guns and blood colored dye, which, if Kanata’s team manages to win, will result in the truth being revealed. It was amusing to see Yumina join in the festivities, although it might have been mostly the alcohol at work, and Noel turns into a crazed warrior delighted with the fact that she can try out a new toy (a water spewing gatling gun, oh my) The whole battle turns into a melodramatic fight, mostly thanks to the alcohol. I’m sure had they all been sober, they wouldn’t have been so dramatic, although they always were a bit weird. Watching Noel being pushed around in her cart with her gun was pretty funny, and I loved how they all reacted to the death of their comrades, such as Rio’s revenge for the death of Filicia, and Yumina’s tearful “death” in the arms of Kanata. Even better probably was how Kureha was constantly pushed onto the sides whenever she tried to bring some reason to the place. Thankfully for Kureha though, they finish the fight and take a bath, but are then greeted by a dead drunk Yumina, and Filicia, always on the lookout for a chance to get drunk, convinces everyone to get drunk, and expose Kureha to even more horrors, even being stripped naked by the drunken women. Just goes to show, it sucks to be the only one sober.


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