Working!! 13 END

June 28, 2010

Regrettably, we haven’t done any Working!! posts, although it was a good show, and I enjoyed it. Hylian wanted to do the posts, but he’s busy unlike me, whom you’re all stuck with (<3) But I think he won’t cut off all my fingers if I at least do the end.

The spring season is beginning to end, with several already ended (Arakawa, and soon Yojouhan, crai) The summer season will be out soon though (I’ve been working on a post about it, but I think I should just give up since it’s so late) But until then I’ll have to do something else while I watch all my shows end (you should post more kona) Anyways, it’s now time for Takanashi and Inami’s date, which I believe everyone was anticipating. It was an amusing thing for sure, as Takanashi eventually crossdresses after an “accident” involving Yamada and a bucket of water. He may not have enjoyed it, but it did save him from a beating sometimes, although she still couldn’t hold his hand, and was even on the verge of punching him a couple times. But it was admirable how hard she tried and how considerate she was, such as their first stop on the date, a stuffed animal store, especially since he was dressed as a woman, although I can really see him going in there anyways. Most of the episode was dedicated to their date, but they did mix in some scenes with the rest of the group, who, thanks to Satou didn’t get to stalk the couple on their date. We also finally got aquainted with Maya, the glasses wearing girl that shows up occasionally in the background but never spoke. She certainly was interesting, and it was quite funny to learn how she desperately tries to be different from the other weirdos by being normal, although ironically, they think she’s the weird one. Overall, I don’t think the date was that much of a success, considering probably the only reason she didn’t beat him sometimes was because he was crossdressing, and they couldn’t hold hands either (although that might have been Takanashi’s fault for running to every cute thing he says) however, by not really getting anything done, I feel this show has a good chance for a second season, which could be pretty interesting, although an OVA might be a better idea, although I think a second season would be better suited for Inami’s androphobia, but I wouldn’t want this show to become solely focused on Souta x Mahiru (despite how much everyone would love that. When I first started this show, I started with my usual apprehension whenever I watch a comedy (coughk-oncough) but the characters were interesting and the jokes were pretty good. However, I did have some complaints with the character development. They focused a lot on Takanashi and Inami a lot, but I felt that the others didn’t get enough time themselves. I would have loved to learn more about Yamada’s past, and see more about Satou and Yachiyo’s relationship with each other (OTP for me, but it was not to be ;-;) I also would have liked to see more of Takanashi’s family (Izumi<3) and maybe some of that great crossdressing (however ashamed I may be to admit it) But like I said, I think this show has a good chance of another season. Arakawa is already confirmed for a second season, so maybe Working will have the same fortune. Comedies are always nice to have on the side, especially with all the angsty shit I’m accustomed to. GOGOGO, SECOND SEASON PREDICTIONS.


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