Arakawa Under The Bridge Ep. 12

June 26, 2010

I’ve always enjoyed the metaphorical musings that show up at the beginning at times, and they really give off the feeling of a serious show. This one was probably my second favorite (My favorite being the dream metaphor) The show always had some rather serious stuff going on, although they usually break it with a joke. So we start off with Riku still scared shitless of calling his father, and everyone making fun of him, although it was nice to see Nino defend him. I’m really starting to get the impression that she does really love him, which was sort of lacking since she was always so weird, and never really was serious about anything. And of course the joke then comes in with Hoshi telling her to wish upon a star (doho get it) Maria never misses a chance to make someone feel shit, and tells Hoshi that you wish upon a shooting star, and insists on kicking him off the bridge, along with Riku who will not be put down by Hoshi. A pretty funny scene, but it was even funnier when you find out that the construction plans have been canceled. Even with all the power Kou’s father has (the Minister was too scared to even talk to him) I was surprised his plans were canceled, probably thanks to a mysterious man who is apparently just as rich since he agrees to match the funding from Ichinomiya that they lost. Deciding to go to the river himself to talk to son, he meets the same fate as Kou when he first arrived to the bridge, losing his pants to a bunch of rowdy kids (like father like son right?) The conversation is almost identical to the one she had with Kou when he first arrived. Just like Kou, Seki would rather keep stay pantless than be indebted to someone, sticking true to his family motto, a complete contrast to the selfless Nino, who does things for others because she enjoys it (apparently just like Kou’s mother) So it looks like Kou fell in love with a selfless woman, just like his father. Just before Seki leaves (without his pants of course, which later gets him arrested) Kou finally calls his father, however, the phone being in his pants, he can’t answer. The accidental love confession was rather sweet, and they both seem to have really developed their love. Because of Nino and the other residents, Kou was able to change, and he probably experienced the most character development out of all them. His entire development was gradual and subtle, but the change was huge. Nino really is amazing, and with the threat of eviction gone, the series will probably have a romantic ending with the classic Arakawa gags, oh boy!


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