Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei Ep. 10

June 25, 2010

We’re wrapping up the series, and this was a hell of a show. Watashi, no understanding there is no rose coloured campus life, gives up completely on choosing a club, and decides to stay in his 4.5 tatami room, of which he describes in wonderful detail, professing his love for such a wonderful square, it makes me want one. The small tatami galaxy has become his sanctuary, and he’s pretty much a shut in. However, he one day wakes up to find that everywhere leads to an identical room. Shit gets pretty surreal, and first he panics, then he accepts it, and then panics again. It’s all really interesting, and I really didn’t think this show could get any more surreal, but they manage to pull it off. What if you woke up to find an endless row of tatami rooms, each identical to the last? Since he was always inside anyways, you would think that he wouldn’t mind much. Who doesn’t want to eat nothing but fishburgers and Castellas? I suppose it’s the fact that he has no opportunities now, he must live here by himself forever, even if he doesn’t want to. He has no choice. Eventually going crazy he tries to escape, walking through endless rooms trying to escape and breaking down walls. While venturing in each room, he discoveries they all have subtle differences, such as different books, and having an overall different color. He begins to realize that each of these rooms are the different outcomes. Like what if he chose that club? This is that room. And endless amount of possibilities. I can see the “Tatami Galaxy” (which is the english synonym for the anime name) It was also cool to see him be a part of the other galaxies (such as collecting money from each room, and then leaving it, only to be found by him in the Proxy War episode) He is pretty much understanding what the fuck is going on. And realizing there is no rose coloured campus life, he gives up and lives in his room. Because when he tries to fly, he flies to high. His happiness is like the myth of Icarus. Every galaxy was trying and failing. But yet, they seemed to be having fun. Each was unique. And each had numerous choices, crossing over to each galaxy and experiencing a different life. But he was stuck there. He had made no choices. He had no opportunities. He’s beginning to understand, and I’m sure the next and last episode will be pretty god damn interesting. I’m giddy :3


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