Fan Sub Groups

June 23, 2010

Old I know, but when I went to see if Coal Guys had the new K-on yet, I noticed this and thought it was pretty interesting (and funny) I don’t mean to rant about this guy, I actually think he has some good points about them. It’s also interesting to see what the other subs groups are like behind the scenes (although to be fair, I shouldn’t simply take his word for it) I’m not gonna argue with most of these, because I myself have had some problems with some of these subbers, although I’m rather lenient so I let it slide (mostly grammar mistakes, but nothing that would absolutely ruin the show) And the damn fans. Although it’s nothing new, fans always ruin everything, and I can’t tell you how many flame wars I’ve seen because people disagreed with which sub is the best. But as he points out, there is no perfect sub group. Unfortunately we are slaves to the subbers. We can’t do it ourselves, or else we wouldn’t need the subbers in the first place obviously. We must give credit to them though, for doing what several of us can’t, but this seems to lead to a feeling of superiority. We shouldn’t ask for perfection, but we can at least ask for something better. GOGOGO SUBBERS


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