Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei Ep. 9

June 21, 2010

After the last 3 episode, something different would be welcome, but this one was just wonderful. The series is beginning to draw to a close, with only 2 more episodes left, and our young protagonist has learned somewhat, but not as much as in this one. They’ve really stepped up the character development, and I am very pleased. The club this time around is some secret society that pretty much runs everything with an iron fist. And with Ozu eventually becoming the leader of the whole society I expected some nasty doings. But I start to wonder if he really is that evil. He does give Watashi a high ranking place, but Watashi becomes a real asshole, while Ozu gains rank to please the women he loves. So you have to wonder, if it really is Ozu who is dragging Watashi into the trench, or if it’s simply Watashi’s fault. After talking to Master Higuchi though, Watashi begins to understand that there is no “rose coloured campus life” There is no perfection, and chasing unrealistic dreams will only lead to failure. Watashi begins to realize he should be himself, and that’s probably the only way to be happy. By being someone else, he isn’t being happy, because he is not that person. Later on, seeing Ozu steal an airship just to be with his girlfriend, he realizes even Ozu enjoyed his “meaningless” campus life. I think Watashi has really grown, and will soon break free of his unhappy cycle. GOGOGO, WATASHI.


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