Arakawa Under the Bridge Ep. 11

June 18, 2010

Despite how absolutely terrified Kou is of his father, as is evident when he trembles at the thought of calling him, he’s prepared to take him on to stay under the bridge with everyone. It was interesting to see how much Nino cares for Kou, although shThee did forget what he looked like while he was gone. Leaving to take care of some business, I was worried how everyone would survive with all the contractors, but with Sister disguised as a bear, and Shiro successfully tricking the contractors to take the rest of the day off, they seemed fine. They do get into trouble, like when they attacked Kou’s look alike,  as well as Sister insisting on keeping his gun (hidden as a pot of honey of course) and even offering to kill all the contractors. I always found Sister to be hilarious. His paranoia is wonderfully rich with comedic value, and scaring away Kou’s contractors with traps and requesting more defense from amphibious assaults is proof. Takei makes a comeback, although he’s even creepier than before, although everyone under the bridge seems to like him, and they even ignore Kou when they both come back to the bridge (except Nino, who mistook Takei for Kou) With Kou and Takei, they might have a chance at beating Kou’s father, but Seki didn’t become king of the business world by doing nothing. The King of the Business World, and his son who he raised up to take his place, this’ll be some matchup.


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