The New Xbox 360 Won’t Red Ring

June 17, 2010

The New Xbox 360 Won't "Red Ring"

Clever MS. I was lurking Kotaku and saw this article. As someone who has had it happen twice I was quite interested, since the RROD was the biggest scar on the history of the xbox, providing ample fodder for the Sonyfags I was rather relieved to hear it would be gone. But clever clever MS.

“Deciding to take the opportunity for a clean break, Microsoft has not included any red lights in the console, only green ones, so if something goes wrong this time around, you’ll get a…green ring of death. Which is surely more calming!”

Well, the possibility for the dreaded hardware failure has gone done with each upgrade to the 360, so theres still not to much to worry about. It’s a wonderful system, and if it does fail, MS is very helpful. Hardware failures are never going to go away, but we can prevent them from happening to often. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SYSTEMS KIDS


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