Nintendo Conference

June 15, 2010

Oh boy, Nintendo. I’m not really looking forward to anything specifically, except for Zelda, being a huge Zeldafag. Nintendo has always been a huge part of my life since the beginning, and though I’ve drifted to other companies along with Nintendo, it’ll always have that place in my heart, right next to watermelon and the lodged bullet. MAKE US PROUD NINTY

I’ll be here, ready to write a quick thought on anything that seems newsworthy, which I’m hoping will be a lot

Nintendo comes out strong with a Zelda trailer showcasing a more colorful art style similar to WindWaker, but with a mature Link similar to TP. Miyamoto shows up to tell us about the more Wii control oriented controls, designed to make the controls feel more natural. He demonstrates all this in an actual gameplay demo. Since it’ll be using Wii motion plus, the controls should feel smoother. He does seem to have some trouble sometimes, but I’m sure once the full game is out, there will be better control over it. I don’t know if he was making a jab at Jobs or they really were having trouble with interference, but hopefully it’ll be much smoother once the full game is out. The game will be on the showfloor apparently, so I can assume the internets will be in a frenzy posting videos of the gameplay. Given Zelda’s rich pedigree for adventure, enemies, and items, Skyward Sword looks like it’ll be a game worthy of the Zelda title.

Mario seems to be continuing his line of sports games, with Mario Sports Mix. Now, I’ve always enjoyed Mario’s sports games, and they’ve been pretty damn fun with the Mario twist to classic sports. Volleyball, Hockey, Dodgeball, and yes Basketball, make this look like a decent Mario sports game.

After announcing a new Wii game, Wii Party, and Just Dance 2, we get to Goldensun which was one of the more highly anticipated titles this E3. I was never a big Goldensun fan, but it looks like something to look forward to this Holiday season



One of the bigger rumors was that Goldeneye would be coming out exclusively for Wii, and here Nintendo proves it. The multip[layer will be going online as well, and with Goldeneyes reputation as a good multiplayer (I can vouch for that) I’m looking forward to this one later this year as well.

Nintendo brings out Epic Mickey, and it looks to provide a new twist on the Disney lore. Mickey has the ability to alter the very cartoon world with Paint and Paint Thinner which seem to be a major component of the gameplay.

We haven’t had a Kirby game in a while, and we were due for one, and here it is, Kirby’s Epic Yarn. The art seemed wonderful, and there was quite a new type of gameplay. Taking full advantage of the cloth environment, it’s truly an innovative new Kirby game. Looks like another to add to the Fall release list.

Another trailer for one of my more anticipated games, Metroid, which just gets me more hyped for this. August 31 is the day

Nintendo seems to be on a roll with the classic franchises, with a new Donkey Kong game just announced. Bringing back the classic platformer we love, this looks like another holiday must.

Another classic revived, Kid Icarus has arrived to the 3DS. An epic adventure game, I’ve been waiting for this one for sometime, and the trailer is quite pleasing.  Nintendo is making me proud

Nintendo assures that there will be stronger 3rd party support, naming off a couple developers, notably Konami with Kojima showing interest in a 3D MGS. After coming out with a strong list of first party games, and more 3rd party strength, Nintendo seems to be heading in a good direction with all this. Nintendo continues with the 3DS and with all the features it will have (such as not having to use glasses) it looks like a great innovation from a company that has always been about new things. Nintendo is allowing people to get to actually see the 3DS for themselves as well as play Skyward Sword.

And with that, Nintendo ends an amazing conference. I am thoroughly pleased, this is the conference Nintendo should have had. GOOD JOB NINTENDO

Let’s see if Sony can match it


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