EA Spotlight

June 14, 2010

EA has started with a good looking trailer for a new Need For Speed game, but I’m not a big fan of racing games, although this looks like a pretty good racer, so keep an eye on it. The ability to play against your friends as a cop is rather interesting as well. November 16 is the date apparently. I’m actually sort of interested in it

Dead Space 2 is up next. I didn’t have the pleasure to play the first game, but hearing from my friends, I was really missing out. Apparently, this takes place in a city, unlike the first which was on a ship, so there should be much more to explore. They’ve really done a good job on the graphics, and the lighting is perfect for a horror game. This looks pretty damn good, too bad it won’t be till next year. Apparently there will be more at the Sony conference, so keep watching tomorrow

EA is getting to the FPS with Medal of Honor. I enjoyed the games back in the day, and with DICE helping out with the multiplayer aspect, as well as a present day setting in Afghanistan, looks like Medal of Honor will be back and better than ever. They’ve started out strong with a actual multiplayer demo. Here come the obligatory CoD comparisons, but this looks like a game with the potential to provide CoD with some serious competition, especially with DICE handling the multiplayer. Beta comes out June 21, I’m not sure if its open or not or what to do to get in.

EA’s Gunclub seems like incentive to buy more EA games, but with early access to demos and betas, this looks like something you’ll come to love.

Oh boy Sports. Not my forte, so I’ll use this chance to finally eat. Sorry about the half assed posts so far. Theres just so much going on ;-;

Crysis 2, as you probably already knew, will be in New York, and with Cryteks reputation for beautiful graphics, this will be some serious eye candy. The trailer is absolutely beautiful, and apparently in 3D. Expect it this holiday season

Here we go, finally, STAR WARS. We are presented with an absolutely amazing trailer, and I think I came when I saw all the force powers (stopping a fucking lightsaber? Oh god yes) Truly a real cinematic marvel, and with Bioware’s reputation for storytelling, I really can see them taking full advantage of Star Wars rich lore. I WANT THIS GAME

EA conference is over, and G4 is having some highlights, so keep watching. Tomorrow there shall be more conferences, and more gaming goodness. Not a bad E3 so far. Although that’s probably the Star Wars hype speaking :3


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