The Drums – The Drums

June 10, 2010

Yeah yeah, cOLD. But I’ve been meaning to write aboot it. I’m still no good at this, so don’t expect much. Getting to the album. I had listened to their EP long ago, and I found it really nice, a nice upbeat surf style story of freedom. I was addicted to “Let’s Go Surfing” for a couple weeks and even had the urge to dance whenever I heard it, not kidding. It was such an electric song, along with the rest of the EP. The album is a bit different, and I recall reading a statement from the band that the full album would be a bit darker. I didn’t see how, especially after listening to “Let’s Go Surfing” on repeat fro a couple days. But it is rather darker, and sort of mellower but with that surf tinge. I’m trying not to say Beach Boys, but the similarity is there. It’s like Surfer Blood without so many of the effects. In fact, it’s pretty natural, with very little effects. Which is nice, really helps the image of a slow surf jam. It is a certainly good album, and a nice change of pace for me, what with all the folk and experimental I’ve been trapped in lately. Good album, soft dancing material. GO BUY IT.


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