Arakawa Under The Bridge Ep. 10

June 9, 2010

I can understand why most of them would decide to live under the bridge, considering how socially backwards they are. I mean, I can understand doing a fire drill, but starting a real fire is pretty crazy, even for Sister. And that damn Mayor. I really can’t take the Mayor seriously. Yet I still fool myself into thinking “Oh shit, maybe he is really serious” but I’m always disappointed, although it does tend to be pretty damn funny. I was pretty damn confused when Sister was so generous with him. When he said he owed the Mayor a deep debt, I was curious what the hell he could have possibly done to earn Sister’s, of all people, respect. I don’t know why I keep thinking “Maybe this is where he gets serious” From him being respected by Sister, to attempting to put out the fire (that was a pretty dramatic running scene) to when Riku informs them of his father’s decision to build on the Arakawa and pretty much kicking them all out, I was laughing and crying at the same time. This guy is gonna give me a heart attack, but I still am rather curious about his past. I was kinda hoping the Mayor really did have a solution to the impending eviction, but of course, he was carefree as always. Although, thinking back to what P-Ko said once, I begin to rethink my opinion of him, I think, perhaps he isn’t so bad (but inconvenient) I suppose that’s just his character. I’ve wondered how he became the Mayor, but I realize, perhaps it’s because he’s the free-est of them all, to the point of completely discarding his old identity and becoming something not even human. He is certainly an interesting character, and despite all the hair pulling he caused me, I’m glad he had such face time this episode. Of course, not all the episode is about the Mayor. Theres actually a rather interesting twist with Riku’s father deciding to build on the Arakawa to drive his disgraced son out. Some of the residents were pretty pissed, except of course for the Mayor. Maria was pissed, but more so about being woken up by the worker who she then proceeded to make feel like absolute crap. I really would like to see how they’ll deal with this. It’s also interesting to note what Nino said about not wanting to be “chased or pulled away anymore” As if her past wasn’t mysterious enough, this makes me think about who she was before, and if she escaped to the bridge underside to be free from societal pressures. Oh boy!


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