Treats – Sleigh Bells

June 8, 2010

Realizing we may be coming off as rather weaboo, and recalling that I’m a dirty hipster, I decided to finally do a music review/impressions. I’m no good, and the mere thought of reviewing sends me into a lazy coma. Music is just something on a whole other level from other arts, but yet so similar, an art, but it’s own art. Music is a cacophony of sounds, attempting cohesion to tell us something. At the core, music is just jingle jangle, but we as humans can put emotions to those sounds The unique unison between the sounds and lyrics, is just so inexplicable. The Boy Least Likely To are rather well know for having such a pleasant, cheerful sound, but with rather sad, melancholic, lyrics of low self esteem. Theres just so much that goes into music. Every sound isn’t just a background sound. The little tinkle of a bell is the song. Just like the drums, the guitar, the singer. Sleigh Bells certainly has a lot going . The fuzzy guitar, the clapping in the background, the chorus. It really gives off the feeling of an anthem album. It gives me the impression of a fuzzy, guitar oriented Dirty Projectors. Hard rocking, fuzzy, cheerleader rock. It certainly is an interesting album. You’ll notice the unique sounds,  and the guitar that just goes fucking crazy, and the singer who has a wonderful voice, yet still hides behind some effects, but perhaps this adds to the essence of what this album is. I really don’t have much to say other than this is a great album. I won’t score it since I’m just not good deciding on scores (not that I’m stingy, but in fact too generous) I recommend you just go listen to it yourself, because only you can really decide for yourself. Sleigh Bells has a unique sound, but that’s a good thing. Go out and buy 10 copies


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