Arakawa Under The Bridge Ep. 9

June 4, 2010

After spending countless nights awake worrying whether the sub would ever come it finally does, and dammit did I squeal like a girl. Yes, that is Stella, and yes, she is fucking pissed. It starts off when she decides to cook something for Sister, the something being the “starfish” Hoshi, who is still in despair after watching Riku and Nino kiss in the previous episode. Riku, believing that the truth about Maria and Sister’s relationship would lead to another Hoshi, tries to hide the fact, but is then screwed over by Hoshi, who in a bout of sudden vitality reveals Sister’s infatuation with Maria. I really doubt any of them expected her to react as she did, and it was absolutely hilarious to see her morph into this steroid pumped schoolgirl man thing. Stella then gives a speech about how she’ll never give up and inspires Hoshi who then joins her in her plot to destroy Maria. Ole Riku has gone through hell here with all the residents, and you can’t help but feel bad when he is used to try out Stella’s new move for Maria, as well as when he tries to warn Maria who instead of doing anything simply uses him to get Sister jealous by asking him to protect her! Poor guy’s really taken a beating the entire show and  so, failing to reason with Stella, he gives up and Maria steps in. I was seriously wondering how the hell she was gonna take on Stella, and Sister reminiscing about the first time he met her (she shaved off all his hair, except for one strand) just made think more who the fuck this woman is. Lo and behold she dodges Stella’s attack and not only manages to get behind Stella with her shears at Stellas throat, she also took the liberty of shearing all the wool off her sheep. So this is one crazy bitch. I guess one reason Sister doesn’t do anything when she makes fun of him is because she can kick some ass. He even says he wouldn’t stop the match in fear of being killed (a hundred times over) So after all this whackiness, Maria talks to Stella and they work it out. And so ends those adventures, with Hoshi being driven straight into the ground. Speaking of Hoshi, the rest of this episode is actually about his backstory, which was a pleasant surprise. Hoshi apparently goes up above the bridge to a convenience store once in a while. But he isn’t wearing his mask! As he walks back to his trailer Riku sees him and worries that the guy is gonna freak out when he sees all the weirdos. When he gets down there he finds that no one but Hoshi is there. I found it kinda ironic how Riku thinks up some crazy story about how Hoshi is actually some parasite monster that lures poor unsuspecting bastards into his trailer, and Hoshi just thinks he’s fucking crazy. Hell of a role reversal, since Riku was always the only with any common sense. I was amused and rather surprised that Hoshi isn’t in denial about the mask and actually has a really good reason for wearing it. He may being going a bit too far for the sake of symbolism, but as an artfag I salute him! His backstory was pretty interesting, such as how he was a famous musician as well as how he met Nino, but I kinda lost him when he mentioned he used to play with John (Lennon?) and Elvis. Some of his story probably is a bunch of bullshit, but it was still interesting to hear. I hope we get see more of the characters backstories, such as Maria’s (Sister was about to, but was then silenced by Maria) and of course, Nino’s. Well, we’ll just have to wait till next week. If it gets subbed on time that. But I appreciate you subbers, keep up the good work!


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