This Is It

June 3, 2010

So here we are. Very first blogpost. I’ll try to explain our goal and such and hope it doesn’t piss of Hylian when he wakes up. I wrote this at around 2 am so don’t expect much. Unless I really was asleep during all our conversations, I believe he would join me in saying that this blog is mostly about various entertainment medias. Music, Anime, Manga, Video Games, and the like. I’m a bit of a hipster so you can expect there to be a lot of music. We both love anime and manga, and other Nihon flavors so there will be lots of that (we’re actually thinking about writing a VN but who knows if it’ll ever come to fruition) I suppose that’s it for now. Reviews, Discussions, and just regular blogging. Our adventure continues, slowly but surely, each 5 centimeter day!


2 Responses to “This Is It”

  1. Dwizzle Says:

    Sounds interesting. I’d like to see what you guys post about xD

  2. konalemonade Says:

    Working on the first post, stay tuned!

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