Anime Workspace

June 29, 2010

If you’ve ever lurked Lifehacker (great, great website) you’ll know they often feature workspaces that their readers have sent in. I’ve seen some pretty damn good ones, and they give good tips on how to pull it off if you want to makeover your workspace. Given how we’re such a weaboo site (;-;) I felt the need to post the feauture office of today,The Anime Office. This guy’s done some great work displaying his figurines, and the lighting is great. The desk seems a bit clutter for my tastes, but several monitors can be efficient if you know how to use them. He’s got some nice little stuff (Dat miku) and it’s always nice to see someone properly display their collection. I don’t have much of an office (or at all) but this is certainly something inspiring. If anyone has one they’d like to show off, we’d be happy to see it.


Sora No Woto Ep. 7.5

June 29, 2010

Sora No Woto concluded it’s run back in winter, and I recently watched it, and I quite enjoyed it. I know a lot of people were staying away, probably because some thought it would be K-ON in the army (3rd season, oh god) and the characters sure as hell looked like them. But I did like it though. It was cute, but not like MOEUGUU, it was funny (this was probably the funniest episode) and it was also rather beautiful at times (dat ending) So if you haven’t watched because of your paranoia caused by an overdose of moe, I’d give this one a chance. It’s short, and it’s good.

After the series concluded, there were 2 special episodes to be released, one on June 23rd and the second in September. I suppose both will be just comedic episodes, since I don’t really think anything needs to be wrapped up, and if the second is anything like this, I will be pleased. For those of you who have watched the show know that the girls run an illegal distillery at the fort and the church nor Kanata know about it. However, Yumina comes over and sees Kureha using alcohol and goes on a rant about drinking underage, and Kanata has caught Rio in the doorway of the distillery. As they all desperately try to change the subject to prevent either of them from finding out, the clever commander spikes everyones tea with some of the calvados. I knew she was a ballsy girl, but to actually inebriate her friends on purpose is pretty sly. With everyone sufficiently drunk, except for Kureha, who is the only one with the tolerance to not get drunk and unfortunately has to witness the atrocities, Filicia proposes a game of war using water guns and blood colored dye, which, if Kanata’s team manages to win, will result in the truth being revealed. It was amusing to see Yumina join in the festivities, although it might have been mostly the alcohol at work, and Noel turns into a crazed warrior delighted with the fact that she can try out a new toy (a water spewing gatling gun, oh my) The whole battle turns into a melodramatic fight, mostly thanks to the alcohol. I’m sure had they all been sober, they wouldn’t have been so dramatic, although they always were a bit weird. Watching Noel being pushed around in her cart with her gun was pretty funny, and I loved how they all reacted to the death of their comrades, such as Rio’s revenge for the death of Filicia, and Yumina’s tearful “death” in the arms of Kanata. Even better probably was how Kureha was constantly pushed onto the sides whenever she tried to bring some reason to the place. Thankfully for Kureha though, they finish the fight and take a bath, but are then greeted by a dead drunk Yumina, and Filicia, always on the lookout for a chance to get drunk, convinces everyone to get drunk, and expose Kureha to even more horrors, even being stripped naked by the drunken women. Just goes to show, it sucks to be the only one sober.

Working!! 13 END

June 28, 2010

Regrettably, we haven’t done any Working!! posts, although it was a good show, and I enjoyed it. Hylian wanted to do the posts, but he’s busy unlike me, whom you’re all stuck with (<3) But I think he won’t cut off all my fingers if I at least do the end.

The spring season is beginning to end, with several already ended (Arakawa, and soon Yojouhan, crai) The summer season will be out soon though (I’ve been working on a post about it, but I think I should just give up since it’s so late) But until then I’ll have to do something else while I watch all my shows end (you should post more kona) Anyways, it’s now time for Takanashi and Inami’s date, which I believe everyone was anticipating. It was an amusing thing for sure, as Takanashi eventually crossdresses after an “accident” involving Yamada and a bucket of water. He may not have enjoyed it, but it did save him from a beating sometimes, although she still couldn’t hold his hand, and was even on the verge of punching him a couple times. But it was admirable how hard she tried and how considerate she was, such as their first stop on the date, a stuffed animal store, especially since he was dressed as a woman, although I can really see him going in there anyways. Most of the episode was dedicated to their date, but they did mix in some scenes with the rest of the group, who, thanks to Satou didn’t get to stalk the couple on their date. We also finally got aquainted with Maya, the glasses wearing girl that shows up occasionally in the background but never spoke. She certainly was interesting, and it was quite funny to learn how she desperately tries to be different from the other weirdos by being normal, although ironically, they think she’s the weird one. Overall, I don’t think the date was that much of a success, considering probably the only reason she didn’t beat him sometimes was because he was crossdressing, and they couldn’t hold hands either (although that might have been Takanashi’s fault for running to every cute thing he says) however, by not really getting anything done, I feel this show has a good chance for a second season, which could be pretty interesting, although an OVA might be a better idea, although I think a second season would be better suited for Inami’s androphobia, but I wouldn’t want this show to become solely focused on Souta x Mahiru (despite how much everyone would love that. When I first started this show, I started with my usual apprehension whenever I watch a comedy (coughk-oncough) but the characters were interesting and the jokes were pretty good. However, I did have some complaints with the character development. They focused a lot on Takanashi and Inami a lot, but I felt that the others didn’t get enough time themselves. I would have loved to learn more about Yamada’s past, and see more about Satou and Yachiyo’s relationship with each other (OTP for me, but it was not to be ;-;) I also would have liked to see more of Takanashi’s family (Izumi<3) and maybe some of that great crossdressing (however ashamed I may be to admit it) But like I said, I think this show has a good chance of another season. Arakawa is already confirmed for a second season, so maybe Working will have the same fortune. Comedies are always nice to have on the side, especially with all the angsty shit I’m accustomed to. GOGOGO, SECOND SEASON PREDICTIONS.

THERE IS A GOD. Although, it’s to be expected since the manga is still running.

As you may already know, the final episode was released today (or something, fuck timezones) and after it was released, the production team announced that a second season has been given the green light. This was my one of my favorite shows of the season, so I’m rather excited to see it get a second season. There doesn’t seem to be a date on it. Maybe fall season?


Kona’s Manga: Flat

June 27, 2010


So I thought I should tell our nonexistant readers about some of the manga we read, so here is the very first manga from Kona’s collection, the wonderful manga, flat.

It’s the story of Heisuke and his little cousin Aki. Heisuke is a rather irresponsible, rather selfish young man with a certain love for making sweets. Aki is a small, shy, reserved boy, who goes out of his way to not cause trouble to others. So they’re pretty much opposites, but they begin to like each other after Heisuke babysits Aki one day. Aki begins to open up to Heisuke (the sweets help) and Heisuke slowly begins to show him that its ok to want something, it’s ok to have fun, and it’s ok to be a little selfish. Heisuke also begins to change from the selfish, irresponsible teenager, to a more caring person (even if it is mostly with Aki) It’s a sweet story, and the art is simple and wonderful.It’s a wonderful manga, and something fans of Yotsuba and Aishiteruze Baby will enjoy. I give it my seal of approval, and I highly recommend it.

Angel Beats! Ep. 13 END

June 26, 2010

I didn’t write about the last couple episodes, but that’s mostly because I kind of rage quit. All the plot twists and drama were too forced for me, and the series was kind of incoherent. It was nice, but I still just couldn’t really write about it. But I felt I should write about the last one because it is the last one, and because it was rather sweet too. Yuri wakes up 3 days later, and everyone has left except for Hinata, Naoi, Kanade, and Otonashi. Yuri and Kanade both act much differently, and much girlier (Yuri is tsundere and Kanade wrote a song about Mapo Tofu). I suppose because Yuri has no more regrets, doesn’t have to play the protective sister, she can finally be a regular girl, and Kanade has friends. It’s really rather pleasant to see them finally relaxing. It suits their end that it would be as a graduation ceremony (which was Kanade’s idea) It was a pretty sweet moment when they all walked up to get their diplomas, and when they said goodbye to each other. Each goodbye was a real tear jerker, like Naoi, who decided to leave first so as to not see any tears, yet ends up crying himself. I sort of thought that Otonashi and Yuri would be the last together, so I was surprised when he actually ends up last with Kanade. I was even more surprised when Otonashi told Kanade to stay there in the world with him, so they could help more people. And yet again, when he confesses to her, which I just thought was wonderful (I’m too soft) although I was kind of confused, since it was so sudden. When did he start loving her, and why? Well whatever, Kanadefag is pleased. KEY is absolutely unmerciful with all these tearjerkers, like Kanade revealing her regret of never being able to thank Otonashi for donating his heart which saved her life. That was pretty much the breaking point for even that most hardboiled man, and the scene with both of them hugging, Otonashi saying “I love you” and Kanade saying “Thank You”, was what everyone was pretty much hoping for with this series (it is KEY after all) I was pretty disappointed that Kanade and left Otonashi there alone. But I was happy to see that they become reunited when Otonashi finds Kanade (both of them in a new life) and he runs up to her, and so I can only assume that everyone else will find each other as well.  I’m afraid the series was rather disappointing, but I think I expected too much since it is a KEY work. But I really felt they could have done some things differently. I would have liked more character development, and a more coherent story, instead of the constant plot twists and their tendency to completely drop one thing for another (Ok let’s help everyone pass on, OH FUCK SHADOW MONSTERS) The show really did have much potential and perhaps I’m a bit too harsh. It’s still worth watching, since it’s not that long, and it can be rather nice at times. It was a nice ending and a pretty good show I suppose. Hell of a lot better than K-ON, I’ll tell you that. I always get a sad feeling whenever a series end, and Angel Beats was no exception. It may have been an incoherent mess at times, but we’ll all miss Kanade.

I’ve always enjoyed the metaphorical musings that show up at the beginning at times, and they really give off the feeling of a serious show. This one was probably my second favorite (My favorite being the dream metaphor) The show always had some rather serious stuff going on, although they usually break it with a joke. So we start off with Riku still scared shitless of calling his father, and everyone making fun of him, although it was nice to see Nino defend him. I’m really starting to get the impression that she does really love him, which was sort of lacking since she was always so weird, and never really was serious about anything. And of course the joke then comes in with Hoshi telling her to wish upon a star (doho get it) Maria never misses a chance to make someone feel shit, and tells Hoshi that you wish upon a shooting star, and insists on kicking him off the bridge, along with Riku who will not be put down by Hoshi. A pretty funny scene, but it was even funnier when you find out that the construction plans have been canceled. Even with all the power Kou’s father has (the Minister was too scared to even talk to him) I was surprised his plans were canceled, probably thanks to a mysterious man who is apparently just as rich since he agrees to match the funding from Ichinomiya that they lost. Deciding to go to the river himself to talk to son, he meets the same fate as Kou when he first arrived to the bridge, losing his pants to a bunch of rowdy kids (like father like son right?) The conversation is almost identical to the one she had with Kou when he first arrived. Just like Kou, Seki would rather keep stay pantless than be indebted to someone, sticking true to his family motto, a complete contrast to the selfless Nino, who does things for others because she enjoys it (apparently just like Kou’s mother) So it looks like Kou fell in love with a selfless woman, just like his father. Just before Seki leaves (without his pants of course, which later gets him arrested) Kou finally calls his father, however, the phone being in his pants, he can’t answer. The accidental love confession was rather sweet, and they both seem to have really developed their love. Because of Nino and the other residents, Kou was able to change, and he probably experienced the most character development out of all them. His entire development was gradual and subtle, but the change was huge. Nino really is amazing, and with the threat of eviction gone, the series will probably have a romantic ending with the classic Arakawa gags, oh boy!